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Applications of Tensor Networks to Machine Learning

The use of tensor networks for machine learning is an emerging topic. One branch of research involves using a tensor network directly as machine learning model architecture. Another uses tensor networks to compress layers in neural network architectures or for other auxilary tasks.

Because tensor networks can be exactly mapped to quantum circuits, an exciting direction for tensor network machine learning is deploying and even training such models on quantum hardware.

Selected Works on Tensor Networks for Machine Learning

Influential or ground breaking works on theory, algorithms, or applications of tensor networks for machine learning. Please help to expand this list by submitting a pull request to the tensornetwork.org Github repository.

Works are listed in reverse chronological order within each section.

Supervised Learning and Regression

Unsupervised Learning / Generative Modeling

Reinforcement Learning

Implementation on Quantum Computers (Quantum Machine Learning)

Optimization Methods (Gradient Free)

Compression of Neural Networks

Mathematical or Theoretical Works

Language Modeling


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