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About the Tensor Network

The Tensor Network is an open-source review article focused on tensor network algorithms, applications, and software.

Tensor networks are a well developed subject, but many key advances appear in appendices of specialized papers or obscure preprints, using domain-specific terminology and notation. There are excellent review articles which synthesize the tensor network literature, but which also have the drawback of being static and representing the perspective of one group of authors.

Every page of this website is editable, but it is not a wiki per se. Instead, it is an “open source website”, similar to open source software. Improvements to the site are managed through Github (link to Github repository) to ensure quality and so academic contributors can be credited for their work.

Support and Acknowledgements

Support for the Tensor Network is provided by the Flatiron Institute, part of the Simons Foundation.

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Thank you to Claudius Hubig and Ulrich Schollwöck for helpful discussions.

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