About Contribute Source

Contributing Your Tensor Network Expertise

Contributions and edits to the Tensor Network are welcomed, and this site is designed with them in mind. All changes are tracked through Github, so you can receive credit for your valuable time and expertise.

Steps to Contributing

  1. Create and log into your Github account.
  2. To edit an existing page via the web, click on the “Edit This Page” link at the bottom. Edit the page in the Github browser editor, and commit your changes.
  3. To create a new page, visit the TensorNetwork.org source folder and click the “Create new file” button in the upper right. New folders can be created by prefixing the new file name with a path description.
  4. Once new content is pushed to the tensornetwork.org Github repository, the site will be updated within a short time.

Guides to Producing Content

For more information about contributing content, the following guides are available:

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