Tensor Computation Workshop

This workshop brings together a small number of researchers from computer science; chemistry; and physics who develop and use high-performance tensor software.

September 14 & 15, 2017

Flatiron Institute, New York City. 162 Fifth Ave.
(Entrance is on West 21st Street just to the west of 5th Ave.)

All attendees are welcome to bring a poster showcasing their work. There is a FedEx Office Print center nearby at 8 23rd St. that accepts online file uploads for advance pick-up.


Thursday, September 14th
8:30am  Breakfast
9:00am   Welcome and Introduction. Miles Stoudenmire & Ying-Jer Kao
9:30am  Devin Matthews: "TBLIS: Native tensor computations at the speed of GEMM"
10:10am  Ed Valeev: "Lessons from TiledArray tensor toolkit: Thoughts on composable high-performance tensor computing"
10:50am  Poster introductions
11:15am  Coffee break, Poster viewing, and Free discussion time
12:30am  Lunch and Poster Viewing
2:00pm  Paul Springer: "The Landscape of High-Performance Tensor Operations"
2:40pm  Paolo Bientinesi: "A journey from scalar to tensor computations"
3:20pm  Qiming Sun: "The progress and challenge of Python tensor library in PySCF package"
4:00pm  Free discussion time
6:00pm  Dinner
Friday, September 15th
8:30am  Breakfast
9:00am  ITensor Overview
9:10am  Uni10 Overview
9:20am  Edgar Solomonik: "Leveraging sparsity and symmetry in parallel tensor contractions"
10:00am  Jutho Haegeman: "Elementary Tensor Operations in Julia"
10:40am  Coffee Break, Poster viewing, Free discussion
11:00am  Directed Group Discussion #1: low-level algorithms, common interfaces, future low-level algorithms
12:00pm  Lunch
1:30pm  Jianyu Huang: "Strassen's Algorithm for Tensor Contraction"
2:10pm  Directed Group Discussion #2: design of tensor software: user interface, higher-level parallelism, and higher-order abstractions
3:10pm  Snacks and free discussion time


Paolo Bientinesi RWTH Aachen University
Giuseppe Carleo ETH Zurich
Garnet Chan Caltech
Jing Chen Inst. of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Yun-Hsuan Chou National Taiwan University
Glen Evenbly University of Sherbrooke
Martin Ganahl Perimeter Institute
Jutho Haegeman Ghent
Zhuoran He Columbia
Jianyu Huang UT Austin
Claudius Hubig LMU Munich
Ying-Jer Kao National Taiwan University
Peter Lunts Perimeter Institute, Flatiron CCQ
Devin Matthews UT Austin
Andrew Millis Columbia, Simons Foundation, and Flatiron CCQ
Ash Milsted Perimeter Institute
Paul Springer RWTH Aachen University
Edgar Solomonik Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Miles Stoudenmire UC Irvine, Flatiron CCQ
Qiming Sun Caltech
Edward Valeev Virginia Tech
Steven White UC Irvine
Michael Zaletel Princeton

We are grateful for generous support from the Simons Foundation.